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To be honest the ISO journey for Rolfe started off as a journey of the unknown and has grown into a life changing experience for Rolfe Laboratories. Our team has never been closer and not only are we seeing huge benefits in our operating system we are now seeing the financial benefits from removing certain risk in our business that we were not capable of even identifying in the past.

Brad Rolfe, CEO of Rolfe Laboratories
Brad Rolfe

CEO, Rolfe Laboratories

The final delivery i.e. ISO Certification was achieved well before the programmed date and at a significant margin below budget, amid severe COVID19 lockdown restrictions. The business was conducted in a highly ethical manner, the service provider going out of their way to accommodate our team. 

Dr Louis Grobler 

General Manager,  Dinokeng Engineers

Since the inception of achieving certification, throughout each and every audit, we have always been a recipient of their strong yet objective customer focus. 

The certification auditors are not only professional in their approach, they are knowledgeable on our systems and the matters relevant to our business. The expertise offered is in perfect alignment to our industry sector and scope. 

The audits are planned with input from relevant team members and take into account our operational requirements as needed. 

Sholin Sheobalak

SHEQ Manager, Eazi Access Rental

Audits can be a stressful time but by having auditors like Mr Cunningham has proven what a breeze an audit can be. Being audited in such a professional manner with utmost courtesy and professionalism has given us a different experience all together.

We are fully convinced that we could not have chosen a better certification body than Wynleigh International to start and continue this journey with. We look forward to working together again.

Saadiya Salloo

Quality Manager, HNS Contract Packers & Transporters

We found the auditor (Tony Cunningham) to be very professional, well-spoken, diligent, consistent, and
knowledgeable in all areas of Excellence Through Stewardship (ETS), Quality Assurance, ISO
standards and processes, and applicable Laws and Regulations. Written reports were accurate,
detailed, and thorough.

Mr. Cunningham also provided additional observations and discussed potential improvement
points, exceeding the expected scope of this audit and are of great value to the continued
improvement of all aspects of our Quality Management System.

Louise Jacobs

Quality Systems Manager, Limagrain South Africa

It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of Wynleigh International Certification Services.

We have been using Wynleigh International Certification Services for a year and have always been completely satisfied with their performance. They do an excellent job, are always punctual, and offer the most competitive rates.

I’m happy to recommend the services of Wynleigh International Certification Services. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Lucky Carlos Ngwaca

Director, Calu Consulting

Their approach is both practical and professional, and in our experience the depth and breadth of experience delivers a measurably superior outcome. Tony and his team have an insight into the nuances within the certification frameworks that only comes from years of intimate involvement with the certification bodies. This coupled with the practical understanding of the application allows Wynleigh to give outstanding direction and advice.

Melvin Jones Managing Director, Proconics Engineering
Melvin Jones

Managing Director, Proconics Engineering

We were particularly impressed by the professionalism and courtesy exhibited by the auditors during their interactions with our staff. They effectively communicated their findings, fostering a collaborative environment that encouraged open dialogue and learning opportunities. The auditors’ expertise and guidance were invaluable in helping us enhance our quality management system and strengthen our overall organizational performance.

Raoul Venter

Director, Medichem

I feel privileged to recommend Wynleigh as an ISO 9001 certification body for any firm. 

Their ethical working behavior is highly regarded. Wynleigh did a transfer and surveillance audit in 2022 when we moved away from our previous certification body to obtain a more experienced audit to keep improving our systems. 

Wynleigh did a recertification audit in September 2022, and we managed to receive the recertification until 2024, understanding the outcome of the audit and the continual improvement on our side. 

Reinette Steyn 

Risk Manager /HR Manager, Servochem

Wynleigh International Certification Services was selected and awarded NCAA – AIS ISO 9001:2015 certification on 25th July 2019.

The professionalism and level of service provided by Wynleigh ICS has been cosistent with their original offer. It is therefore without hesitation that Wynleigh ICS is recommended as a certification body.

Reinhard Gärtner

Interim Executive Director Namibian Civil Aviation Authority – Air Navigation System

Talbot’s ISO 9001 audit process was so simple thanks to the friendly and well-informed staff at Wynleigh.

It is awesome when our Talbot team can come away with great learnings and identified opportunities for improvement owed to experienced auditors.

Thank you, Team Wynleigh!

Denise Naidoo

Senior Associate – Laboratory Quality, Talbot Laboratories

Wynleigh have brought a new level of professionalism to our needs. They are without a doubt the most organized and best-run company I have ever worked with, when it comes to auditing. I believe that this comes from their attitude, energy and talent. They run everything at 110%.

Under very difficult conditions they not only assured that we achieved our accreditation 1st time, but also contributed significantly on ideas on how to improve areas we had difficulty in. I hope this letter reflects how special Wynleigh are to us. We trust them completely. The only hard part of working with them is to try and keep up with their energy!

Marius Joubert

Managing Director, Infinity Diamond Wheels

It gives us great pleasure to recommend Wynleigh International Certification services for conducting our Company’s journey to ISO Certification.

Wynleigh has provided us with the most competitive rates and they have delivered excellent service on time.

Their staff are very professional and we highly recommend their services.

Clint Stockwell

Director, EAS Infrastructure Engineers

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