How we work with ISO Standards

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies representing more than 160 countries. It is the definitive holder of the most widely accepted and used international standards. Wynleigh International Certification Services works primarily in the field of management system certification. Our Audits are primarily based on ISO standards.

ISO Management System Standards (MSS) are compiled using ISO/IEC Directives, Part 1, Annex SL, which demand that every MSS address risk, amongst other good governance requirements. Therefore, a Wynleigh International Certification Services certificate incorporating the Risk Assurance Service provides unquestionable business confidence.

Wynleigh International Certification Services certifies clients against a wide range of standards. These include, but are not limited to: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

  1. We work with our prospective clients to design a bespoke certification programme that meets specific needs. In the context of our certification process, this means:
    • Gaining an understanding of our client’s business processes, risks and objectives.
    • Engaging our client’s key accounts to establish their needs.
    • Engaging our client’s insurers to establish their needs.
    • Planning an audit to deliver laser focus on the criteria that support a sustainable organisation.
  2. Deliver the first of a two-part audit. During the stage 1 audit, documentation and other management arrangements are evaluated to establish client readiness for the certification audit.
  3. The stage 2 audit investigates the level of conformance amongst business processes and management arrangements. A successful outcome receives certification that is valid for three years.
  4. During the three-year period, we stay in touch and deliver focused audits designed to maintain certification and improve management arrangements.

Certification Process

Risk Assurance

Risk Assured means less risk to transfer to your insurer and improved assurance for your stakeholders.

This free, value-adding service promotes your certified status to both your key accounts as well as your insurers.

  • Our audit plans include input from both your key accounts and insurer.
  • WICS engages your top b2b customers, allowing us to plan audits that mitigate the need for duplication of second party audits.
  • WICS derives inputs from your insurer prior to an audit, allowing a risk focused audit with audit report content that speaks to an insurer’s needs. This often results in premium reductions that far exceed the cost of certification.
  • These annual interventions keep your brand in the forefront of those you want to impress most – your customers.

Already Certified?

Organisation’s that become aware of the Wynleigh International Certification Services value proposition, but already have certification, often wish to transfer their certificate.

The process is simple and straightforward.

After getting to know your organisation, we pick up the three-year cycle where your previous certification body left off.


Whilst all manner of promises may be made, the real value of the audit will always remain dependent on Auditor competence. Wynleigh International Certification Services provides several pro-active mechanisms to assure Auditor competence.

  1. Every Auditor is certificated by an ISO 17024 accredited certification body.
  2. Apart from the need for our Auditors to retain certification and maintain Continuous Development Points (CPD), they regularly participate in Auditor competence workshops.
  3. Every audit team contains suitable industry sector specific expertise.
  4. Our internal systems support and constantly control levels of Auditor performance.

Complacency and lack of focus is a consequence of repetitive audits conducted by the same Auditor. On the other hand, ever changing Auditors result in a lack of deep understanding of the Auditees management system. Wynleigh International Certification Services recognises this dilemma and proactively manages Auditor rotation.


To be honest the ISO journey for Rolfe started off as a journey of the unknown and has grown into a life changing experience for Rolfe Laboratories. Our team has never been closer and not only are we seeing huge benefits in our operating system we are now seeing the financial benefits from removing certain risk in our business that we were not capable of even identifying in the past.
Brad Rolfe, CEO of Rolfe Laboratories
Brad Rolfe
CEO, Rolfe Laboratories
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