Impartiality Policy

The Managing Director and Certification Manager have the ultimate accountability for the operation of the management system certification schemes.

The Certification Manager shall manage the effective performance of the audit and audit activities. Suitably qualified and experienced personnel shall perform audit activities for the purposes of certification.

Final decisions regarding management system certification are the responsibility of an independent Approvals Board, which functions independently of the audit activities.

The Approval Board members understand the applicable standard and certification requirements and have demonstrated competence to evaluate the audit processes and related recommendations of the audit team.

In addition to an independent Approvals Board, to assure impartiality across all management functions, an Impartiality Committee has been established whose members safeguard the impartiality of the activities undertaken by Wynleigh International Certification Services (Pty) Ltd.

All of Wynleigh International Certification Services (Pty) Ltd personnel, including any external contractors used for audit purposes, or committees, who could influence the certification activities, are required to act impartially and shall not allow commercial, financial or other pressures to compromise impartiality.

Personnel involved with certification activities, cannot have provided any consultancy on the audited management system, nor provided internal audits nor have worked for the organisation requesting certification within a period of two years prior to the audit

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