Proconics Engineering

Proconics Engineering

Proconics appointed Wynleigh International in 2018 to support us in improving and certifying our quality and safety management systems. Proconics adopted externally certified management systems in the early 2000s and it is without hesitation that I can endorse the Wynleigh team –in our case led by Mr. Tony Cunningham.

Their approach is both practical and professional, and in our experience the depth and breadth of experience delivers a measurably superior outcome. Tony and his team have an insight into the nuances within the certification frameworks that only comes from years of intimate involvement with the certification bodies. This coupled with the practical understanding of the application allows Wynleigh to give outstanding direction and advice.

Any company intending to appoint Wynleigh can rest assured that their certification is a true reflection of whether your management system is achieving its intended objectives. This differs substantially from the checklist certifications performed by rote that are typical in the industry. In our experience, the Wynleigh team will offer valuable insights into improvement – yielding a blended certification and management consulting output.

Appoint them. You won’t be disappointed.

Melvin Jones

Managing Director, Proconics Engineering

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