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Eazi access would like to thank and commend Wynleigh International Certification Services on their service delivery to us, their client. 

Since the inception of achieving certification, throughout each and every audit, we have always been a recipient of their strong yet objective customer focus. 

The certification auditors are not only professional in their approach, they are knowledgeable on our systems and the matters relevant to our business. The expertise offered is in perfect alignment to our industry sector and scope. 

The audits are planned with input from relevant team members and take into account our operational requirements as needed. 

Over the years we have come to expect and accept the delivery of non-conformances were relevant, but this only serves to improve our systems to become more robust with each audit performed. 

Additionally, both pre- and post-audit services are commendable, where the team stays in close communication with us through the process. 

As we grow, we look forward to expanding with Wynleigh International as our preferred service provider.” 

Yours faithfully 

Sholin Sheobalak

SHEQ Manager, Eazi Access Rental

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