Dinokeng Engineers

Dinokeng Engineers

As an internal requirement of our Business Management System, Dinokeng Engineers routinely assess the performance of external suppliers and service providers. Dinokeng also conducts performance evaluation and issue a performance reference on request of suppliers.

Dinokeng Engineers contracted Wynleigh International Certification Services to audit our BMS and facilitate the process of independent certification. This letter of reference is issued on the request of Wynleigh ICS, following a formal performance evaluation carried out on 17 September 2020.

The performance of Wynleigh ICS on the above project scored 100%, the highest score that any of our suppliers or service providers have scored to date. The final delivery i.e. ISO Certification was achieved well before the programmed date and at a significant margin below budget, amid severe COVID19 lockdown restrictions. The business was conducted in a highly ethical manner, the service provider going out of their way to accommodate our team. As a start-up EME, our challenges and business were not too small for Wynleigh to take the highest interest. The whole process of remote interviews and audits was carried out smoothly. The service exceeded the requirements and added immense value to our business.

It gives us great pleasure to recommend Wynleigh International Certification Services as a business partner with the highest of accolades.

Dr Louis Grobler PrEng

General Manager, Dinokeng Engineers

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